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Composer for Media
Brands that use my music:
About Me
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Hello there, thanks for stopping by!
My Name is Ninian, but with many people I go by my second name Frodo.

I am a self-taught musician, composer and producer, with the goal to give my music a purpose of telling and accompanying stories.

In the past I've composed for several music licensing libraries, landed placements in TV shows and scored a german independent adventure feature film
, which will come to Netflix soon.
I've been told my strength lays in more whimsical genres like dramedy, animation and comedy scores, but I also have a hand for Hip Hop and love experimenting in any style and exploring new sounds and genres!

Music is my passion and I would love to accompany your project with my craft, whether it may be scoring to picture, creating the soundtrack for your videogame or anything else imaginable.

You can find examples of my work below, feel free to get in

contact with me so we can start discussing your project!

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Lastest Work
My latest work:
Custom work, scoring competitions and exercises
Tracks for Advertising, Promos and Content Creation
(licenses available)
Game Music:
Background Music for all sorts of Video Games
(licenses available)
Videos featuring my music:
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Get in touch with me through the contact-formular, or shoot me an email at:

Thanks for your message! I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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